The us Is not a nation, It’s an enterprise!

– To even start to know very well what has occurred into Republic, we have to search backward after a while into the period adopting the tinder for hookups Civil Combat. We need to come back to the season 1871, that has been the beginning of the brand new ine what happened throughout that amount of time in our very own record, we begin to patch together that it distressing, complicated secret that’s “America” – only following is we respond to on if the audience is indeed good “free” somebody or perhaps not. – – from the Lisa Guliani, )

Humankind Try Around Occult Assault – Juri Lina is completely right-about new Beginning Fathers as well as how it betrayed you. Do not have real legal rights; it’s all an impression. I just have the fresh new legal rights the Bodies lets us has actually, and can change him or her whenever, which they along with do, commonly without any dumbed off inhabitants also realizing it. Wes Penre – – by Dr. Henry Makow, )

The latest Strange Rosicrucian Who was simply the daddy of your own American Republic – Inside the Wonders Future away from America, Macho Hallway, Bacon’s extremely expertise modern scholar, refers to the physical appearance in the us, before the signing of Declaration out of Versatility from inside the 1776, from a mystical Rosicrucian philosopher, a strict vegan who consumed simply meals one expanded over the crushed, who had been a friend and you may teacher out-of Franklin and you will Arizona and whom seemed to has starred an important role regarding beginning of the the brand new republic. – – Part Eleven of: Great Wonders: Matter St. Germain because of the Raymond Bernard -(Released right here: Monday, )

British Legal Program regarding Mixed Preferred and you can Roman Rules Keeps Become Regularly Enslave You(A) – The us is actually an agency, and you may Congress was good ‚body politic‘ – one another getting Roman layout incorporations (make-trust ships) according to the totally new production/ownership of the Pontifex Maximus (Pope) of your own (nonetheless existent) Holy Roman Kingdom. All the Roman Legislation documents (so-titled constitutions; however,, indeed, try ’ship’s orders‘ out-of build-trust vessels), when put since the guide to work a country around Roman Legislation, constantly include a beneficial „notwithstanding“ clause. (In america Constitution, this is the ‚general welfare‘ term). — displayed and you may modified for the thirteen bits by the Eldon Grams. Warman -(Printed right here: Friday, )


Arizona D.C., Prepared Because of the Masonic Beginning Fathers As the most Strong Occult Capitol Within the World Record! – Satanists believe that an area should be oriented because of the Serpents regarding Facts and you can continually found Serpent religious energy if that city try actually as great. Masonic American Ancestors built Washington, D.C., as The capitol for the globe records, unequaled into the occult stamina and you will influence. Serpent icons in our Government Shopping center tell the story! – – because of the Texe Marrs, Revolutionary – (Released right here: Saturday, )

George Washington’s Masonic Union and you may America’s Magic Fate – [Certain boffins declare that Washington’s involvement with Freemasonry is actually fairly limited, however,. ] Mackey’s Changed Encyclopedia out-of Freemasonry (1966) demonstrably means that Washington’s registration regarding acquisition is actually more than token. – – ReverseSpins – (Released here: )

First off you have got to just remember that , the usa are a firm and that it resided through to the Revolutionary combat

Queen Age Control and contains Amended You.S. Societal Cover – What individuals have no idea is the fact that so called Beginning Dads and you may King George have been doing work give-n-hand to take the folks of The united states to help you there knees, to set up a main Bodies more them and also to join them so you’re able to a personal debt that could not be paid. Select Respublica v. Sweers step one Dallas 43. twenty eight You. 3002 (15) – – -(Published right here: Thursday, )

History of the transaction of your Eastern Celebrity – The order of one’s Eastern Star was considering its very own literary works, ‚. the largest fraternal team around the globe (it’s American but discover sections from inside the Italy, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Germany, Australian continent, Brazil, Asia therefore the Philippines) to which both males and females belong. – – because of the Leo Zagami, )